Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Planned And Unplanned


For no reason, last Saturday, I “accidentally” purchase a new phone. I put it as "accident" because it was awfully unplanned. Damn!!! What a waste…sigh. There was nothing wrong with the old phone, yet, I bought a new one. Hmm… Until this moment, I still can't figure out why on earth did I purchased it.

Hmmm... I can't cry over spilled milk and life has to go on for sure. How I realized that sometimes in life, we either do things that we never planned or we simply failed to realize things that we did planned very-very much earlier. Perhaps, this is what human nature is all about. The tendency to realize unplanned matters is much higher than those we planned. I trust that when we fulfilled planned matters, the pleasure we acquire from it will be extremely irresistible. Therefore, the morale of the story is always prepare ourselves and beware for unplanned matters. Expect the unexpected.

So, back to my case; now that I have a new phone, nothing much I can say; so, no regret and no remorse. The good thing is..... there is nothing good about it! Damn! J

...as I will be away to Yangoon until the end of the week...

See ya …


Monday, 18 April 2011



It was the call of nature when my nine year old son Ilhan hurried like hell from the car porch after our usual Sunday breakfast at our favourite hangout place to the upper floor bathroom, as to me, he is considered as those of the “last minute” type. A few seconds later, he rushed out of the bathroom, eyes wandering around the living room searching for his usual “partner” – a reading material. He picked up a local magazine “Kaki Bola” as he is very much into football and went back to the bathroom to reconcile his “unfinished business”.J

For you to know, it has been his habit that whilst performing “that thing” he will always be accompanied by any sort of reading material let it be a magazine, a story book, comics or whatsoever so long it is a reading material and he will then spend tens of minutes there. For him, perhaps it is a pleasure of doing two things at one time! Ha..ha..ha..

And guess what? As he is fond of reading each time performing “that”, I even found him one day coming out of the bathroom with a Dell computer catalogue in his hand which usually came together with the newspaper as flyers. I asked him why the catalogue and he replied saying that he could not make it in time. I laughed then…..J

Anyway, what I am going to write today will not be about my Ilhan but it is about “READING”.

Obviously, we read on so many things everyday. And we also know that reading makes us knowledgeable and through reading, one can indeed develop him or herself and sets the heights of his or her status in a society. The types of materials that we feed our brain with either intellectual or non-intellectual would also contribute to determining ones intelligence. Never limit ourselves to certain interest. Read about politics, sociology, religion, health, sports, entertainment, supermarket flyers, etc. and even the beauty product catalogue! Read everything in fact!

As a consequence, I trust we will certainly enhance our knowledge and be well respected by others. Even, the first verse revealed to Prophet Muhammad SAW was “Iqra or Read”. This proof that how essential and important reading can be in our life. So, do not stop reading, encourage and make our young reads as early as possible. Reading does change one’s destiny. So, enjoy reading…

In my case, I too, read in the bathroom whenever performing “that”. In the early years, my mom who was always with a rattan cane in her hand made my siblings and I read in the bathroom especially that multiplication table so that we filled our precious time with something beneficial while disposing the waste. The good thing is… I guess it contributed much to what I have become today! Thanks mom! So, I continued the legacy with the next generation…my children.J

See ya...


Tuesday, 12 April 2011



I still remember sixteen years ago, the first day of my first job as an employee in a Japanese company, my father who was a government servant then gave me a piece of advice that I will never ever forget until the day I inhale my last breathe.

The advice that he gave me was so brief and simple that it made me smiled each time I recalled my first day being an employee.
Here was what being uttered by him :

He said, “The day when we were born, there were already three enemies - satan, lucifer and desire. So, three enemies are more than enough.”

I laughed....

In the first instance, I never thought of such as at that point of time I actually expected from him advices which were more conservative. 

As he looked serious, I became curious and asked him, what did he really meant? He replied and said, "Think..."

After much thought, then I realised - battling with either of these three enemies has already been a tough one, why on earth should I add enemy number four, five, six and so on and so forth into my life.

So, in my opinion, we have to try our very best to minimize conflicts and as well as to manage it at the very best. At times, being accomodative does not mean that we are on the losing side but we will gain respect instead. By then, I think we will be able to minimize or lessen the number of enemies in our life.

In my case, hmmm.... my wife said that there is a rock in my head.  A real hard one.J

See ya...


Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Perfect Day


Yesterday the 6th April 2011 was extremely the most perfect day for me. Why? Because it was simply my birthday and on top of it I finally hit the mark – the number 40. J

Here’s the story…

As usual, I woke up at six in the morning, prepared and performed the necessity, had breakfast and off to the car for work. When I opened the car door, I saw a birthday card. Ha..ha..ha.. guess what? It was from my son Ilhan. After I read it, I smiled to myself and ignited the engine.

Then, my son Ilhan got into the car and before we were off, my wife Norul wished and reminded me to reach home earlier than usual as she planned to take me out for dinner. I smiled, waved at her and off to the school my son and I were.

While I was driving, an SMS came in which was from my younger sister Rima and it read "happy birthday my beloved brother... may all your wishlist come true.. enjoy your 40s day..: )". After reading it, again I smiled to myself.

Driving about twenty minutes time, I then reached my son's school. Before he left the car, he shook, kissed my hand and greeted me happy birthday. I stared at him, and again I smiled, kissed his forehead and reminded him to focus in class before he left the car.

Next destination, to my work place which distance is about twenty kilometers away from my son's school. While driving, smiling to myself, I thought and said in my heart, "Hmm... so far so good, hope today will really be my day".

Ten minutes to eight in the morning, I reached my office. Switched on my Dell Latitude E6410 and browsed through my e-mail. Meanwhile, I prepared some materials which I was to present for the weekly ten o'clock top management meeting. Five minutes before time, I was already in the conference room. The meeting started exactly at ten and went all the way smoothly as usual. Came the round-the-table, then, my peer Raja who is also a Senior Manager, mentioned in the meeting that the day was my birthday and everybody greeted me. And again I smiled and expressed my thanks to all of them.

My watch showed one clock when the meeting ended and I returned to my office. I cleared a few things and went for my break. While walking to the rest area, a few of the staff greeted me too. It was a great feeling when people who were even the blue collar greeted me. J

After I had my break, it was already three in the afternoon. As usual, I was handling and dealing with a few things when suddenly I heard people singing the common birthday song. I turned my head and looked outside of my room, guess what.... they were my staff. I went out, gave them a smile, blew the candles and cut the cake. You guys rock!!! Thank you for the cake and the celebration...

Moments later, I received a call from my daughter, Shahira who is in a boarding school poured me with greetings and love. Hmmm... I just can't explain the feelings. It was awesome and very priceless as a father.

I continued with my work and about six in the afternoon, I left my office for home.

Once I reached home, I prepared myself and about fifteen minutes to eight my son, my wife and I we went to Secret Recipe restaurant which distance was about 10 minutes from our house.

There, we ordered the food and had the most pleasant and relaxing evening after all. While enjoying our dinner, my son snapped a unique photograph as I considered.

.......and again he snapped another photograph.

We ended our dinner at about half past nine and we were on our way home. Fifteen minutes later, we reached home.

Next, when we were at home, my wife took out the cake and I did the commonly being done by others. The cake was of great taste. Thanks dear...

Finally, cream of the crop, on my 40th birthday, my wife presented me an Ibanez SA Series. Yeah!!! A great "axe" and I extremely appreciated it!!! Thanks again dear... I just can't wait to experment it.

Overall, it was one of the best day I had ever experienced throughout my life. How I realized love and affectionate are things which we can't afford to lose.

Last but not least, a special shoutout to my brother Shaffik owner of Shaffik.com blog for guiding me on blogging and helping me to fulfil one of my 2011 resolution. Thanks brother.... I did it!

These had absolutely made my day and in my case I rated it as a perfect one, a perfect day afterall.

See ya...


Friday, 1 April 2011

My Birthday Wish List


Few weeks back, my wife asked me what I would wish from her for my birthday which will be approaching soon. I smiled with that evil look and cynically replied, “Give me some time and I’ll let you know”.

Hmm…ok…to my beloved partner-in-crime, if you happened to read this, as it is no rocket science, I list them down for your own convenience. J

And as people used to say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, I deliberately put pictures instead of many words on the screen which I trust it will help you even better in deriving the decision. Either all or just one out of all, it is still fine with me. J

Perform Hajj Package

Tour package to Acapulco

A Bavaria Motor Works

Bally of Switzerland

A Tag Heuer Carrera



Metallica concert

and/or, last but not least.....

…………………………..a long lasting love.

So there you go dear. I hope this list will help you to decide.

To all my dearest friends and readers, I welcome you to share your piece of advice too so as she could be driven of making a mild and very much decent decision or perhaps.... you could actually acquire for me any of the listed items.  Ha..ha..ha...J

Anyway, I just need the first and the last.
See ya…