Monday, 30 May 2011

The House Is Expensive


“Wow! I wonder if the house really costs that much.”

That was what my wife uttered when we passed by a billboard displaying a double storey with not so impressive design house which cost a whopping little bit more than half a million Malaysian Ringgit as we were on our way to that Japanese departmental store in Skudai yesterday afternoon. In curiosity, she added;

“Is it for real?”

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Boss


In the early nineties when I was in employment with a giant Japanese company, my boss used to say to me, “Let the samurai deal with the samurai and the ninja waits for the instruction”. Do you know what it means?

Well, as a subordinate, at times we may need our boss to represent, speak, act, etc. on our behalf whenever there are issues concerning inter-department communication and then only we the subordinate could accomplish a designated task. Throughout my working life, there were times when I really needed my superior’s support strongly before I could actually proceed or accomplished my work.
As an employee, we often expect the boss to value our work, what we did, etc. and pour us with compliments, praises, commendations, positive feedbacks, etc. This is simply because we wanted to be recognized, respected and of course hoping for better rewards either in terms of monetary or non-monetary and thereafter we will be more motivated.

Try this test then… In reality, have we ever complimented or praised our superior or our boss before? How many times in our working life that we say to our boss for instance :

“Boss, you are the greatest leader I have ever worked with!”
“Boss, thank you very much for your great leadership!”
“Boss, you are outstanding lah!"
…..and the list goes on.

So, how many of us actually do that? In my opinion, a team will excel whenever both the leader and the follower are well motivated. It extremely cannot be a one-sided affair. As the matter of fact, we need each other. So, do not waste times now, go and say nice things to our boss right away. Shake and kiss his or her hand if we could or perhaps give him or her a hug too and see how motivated he or she will be. Ha..ha..ha..:-)

As in my case, I once acted so reserved against my boss as I was not very happy with him and even did not turned up for work without information for a whole week though it was clearly my mistake. Under normal circumstances, such an employee should have been fired but… I was not and was even being treated as usual. On top of that, I was also never punished and was even being promoted to a higher position! Crazy isn’t it? Perhaps I should have punished that solid hard rock in my head supposedly. From then on, I was very much matured and really acted like one as a subordinate. :-)

And how I realized that it was because of my bosses that made who I am today.

Thank you BOSS!

See ya…


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Manchester United


Last Sunday the curtain came down for Barclays Premier League season 2010/2011. As everybody is obvious, Manchester United was crowned champion even before the start of the game. For you to know, since the time of the greats such as Ron Atkinson, Joe Jordan, Gordon Mc Queen, Frank Stapleton, and Gary Bailey to name a few and until now, I have been following this decorated team called the Red Devils.

If you ask me what is so special about Manchester United and why I fancied them? The answer is "I do not know". If it is about their playing style or game play, I think Arsenal was better off. Even Liverpool was much-much better. Salute to Chelsea too for their beautiful game.

During my time, that “You’ll never walk alone” club was rampaging and monopolizing the domestic and the European leagues as seemed there was no tomorrow until the arrival of Graeme Souness who dismantled the “winning machine”. Thank you Souness!!! Ha..ha..ha...

Now, it is the era of Manchester United and time will tell that a new force will rise then, sooner or later. Would it be Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea or perhaps Liverpool? In my very own opinion, there will be one in the near future. As people used to say "What goes up, must come down".

In continuing the legacy, my son Ilhan is also supporting the Red Devils and that passionate attribute has as well seemed to bud in him. So passionate that whatever he does, it must got to do with the club. So passionate that he sometimes commented on an ongoing game, made me burst in laughter. Hmm.... on second thought, better football than Barbie. Ha..ha..ha..

Though I have been supporting Manchester United through out my life, let it be they win or they lose, I have never treated it more than just an entertainment. Yup! It is just an entertainment… Get what I mean? My son will understand one day. :-)

See ya…


"I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, 
abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery".  
Eric "The King" Cantona