Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Nissan Juke


During my holidays in Indonesia, I got to see that there were lots of these cars on the streets of Jakarta. It is a Nissan and better known as Juke. I guess it falls on the SUV or Crossover segment.
This 1.5L beauty is priced at Rp253,000,000 (about MYR87,000) on the road  in Indonesia.

The interior of the car? A big "WOW" I would say!

It looks like a smaller version of that Nissan Murano.
All in all, if Nissan is to offer this model in Malaysia and sells it with such a price, I trust it will be a hit. Yup! A big hit!

As for the case, I fell in love with this car at first sight! Hell yeah!!!

See ya...


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Closed 2011 With A Bang!


Out of the blue, I closed the year 2011 rather handsomely and perhaps with a loud bang I guess. :-) Hell yeah!!!
Received this notification once came back from that Jakarta holiday.
My last trip to this "Land Of The Free" as they called it was specifically on work but this time around will be an all expenses paid holiday trip besides that award presentation thing. As of to date, all of the preparations for the both of us were all done and just awaiting for the moment.
Usually people snapped photograph with the background of this popular signage. I guess I will do it too.
As for the case, how I wish that I would bump into Selena Gomez or perhaps Jessica Alba. Hmm... Nicekan? :-)

Lights... camera... action!

See ya Hollywood...