Friday, 21 October 2011

Is It Worth Watching?


Don't you think that lately there are way too many Malay movies or dramas shown on television or in cinema that story line has got to do with ghost, horror, paranormal, black magic or anything that is similar to it?
Each and every time I surfed the television channels, there would always be at least one which story line has got to do with the things I mentioned above. For God's sake, pleaselah... Ghost with motorbike, ghost with hotel, ghost as girlfriend, what else? 
Can't those film activists produce something which is rather closer to reality and life or one that can develop and expand our intelligence or perhaps one which promotes science and technology rather than those mystical hype? I hope those producers could think of something more towards building a stronger nation or community and not implanting FEAR in us. If you do so, I promise I will stick to your channel and will even ignore the next Man United vs Liverpool game. :-)

At times I do wonder too, why on earth do they create and promote things that should not be believed rather than promoting faith, belief and nation or community advancement? Shouldn't we fear the One and the Almighty only? Seriously! I wonder...

As for the case? Hmmm.... This time around, let me rest my case. Why? I fear that the ghost will get angry and piss-off with me as I am interfering with their job. :-)

See ya...