Tuesday, 29 March 2011



People used to say "nobody is perfect", "to err is human", "it is a mistake" and so on and so forth. These are phrases or idioms to illustrate a few, commonly uttered by people which are related to the title “mistake”.

What is the definition of the word “mistake”? Though we can extract the real definition from the dictionary, I simply define it as “something, anything, etc. which is not right in our eyes”. Ain’t that easy? So, if it is not right, then, it must be a blunder, a failure, a letdown, whatever we wish to call it J.

How do we look at or conclude a mistake when it is being committed? Some would tend to press the panic button; some would take it casual and perhaps others would tend not to do anything. Okay, here, a mistake has been done or committed, and then what is next?

In my opinion, the followings process could be followed :
1.         Don’t ever panic – it is not the end of the world though.
2.         Keep calm and identify the factors that causes or reasons to the mistake – here we use our common sense.
3.         Think of the possible solutions – the more solutions the merrier I would say.
4.         Understand the benefits and risk of each solution – seeking advice from other people too helps I would say.
5.         Weigh the benefits and risks then select the best solution to the mistake.
6.         Accept the consequences of your decision – don’t worry as making wrong decision would actually mature us in the positive way.
7.         Finally  and foremost... don’t ever repeat the mistake again!!! And if it involves a person, always  say
            sorry and seek for an apology.

In my case, I admit that I do make mistakes and by making mistakes had actually made me understood if not all the real meaning of life. To tell you the truth too, I have never regret making mistake so long I do not repeat it. Committing mistakes in the past too had actually matures me.

So, next time, when we commit a mistake always look at the bright side of it. Enjoy making mistake...

See ya...


Wednesday, 23 March 2011



This is my third article and how I realized writing ain't as easy as we all thought. The two articles I wrote previously took me average about forty minutes to complete just for the matter of to express my thoughts. Yes! It is challenging!

To be frank, as not to limit myself, I did not complied with the rules of writing. So far, all of my writings are extremely "free flow" or "free styling" as I called it. In addition, I too am not sure as to whether such terms do exist. :-)

Simply my writings were on the basis of whatever came across or appeared in my mind I put it on the screen. Now I know the agony perhaps writers or authors such as Enid Blyton, JK Rowling, etc. each time they were to produce one so that readers get the pleasure out of it.

In my very own opinion, writing is an art. It represents the extreme feeling of a writer. Like a painting, it is purely deep, down and inside of the writer's thoughts as well.

I also believe that it ain't necessary for a writer to be extremely rich with bombastic vocabulary or superior in conducting language and if he or she wishes to write, go on with it.  So, it is up to the writer what he or she wishes to express. It is a masterpiece anyway and no matter how people look at it, dare yourself to write!

So, in my case, as of today, I have challenged myself and so far I have produced three masterpieces and I know there will be more to come. Whether the masterpiece will be a Picasso or a three year old drawing, I do not mind. No remorse and no regret. It is extremely up to the readers to rate it.

Nothing else matters - Metallica.

See ya...


Sunday, 20 March 2011



Believe it or not the name Remy means freedom in French.
Yes! That was what written on a key chain I came across today at a well-renown hypermarket.
I tried to google the definition or meaning but it was to no avail.

Ok, I am not going to write about the definition or the meaning of the name but what interest me is the root word FREE.

Everyone loves free - don't tell me you are not in favour of free meal, free drinks, free time, free from your spouse :-), free this, free that, etc., etc. And if you hate the word free, just tell me which mental hospital you wish to be admitted to, I will be more than happy to google for you and let you know the nearest place available.

For those who do not know me, I am a Human Resource practitioner and have been in the business for the past 16 years. Throughout my years of practice, I enjoyed observing people how they valued the word free at the workplace. Some tend to enjoy it in a positive way and sad to say too, some seems to vandalize it. So, to be critical, why on earth do we vandalize it when some other people are sweating blood and tears to acquire it? Hmm... perhaps it is human nature that we tend to forget much easier than to remember. Don't we realize that free things do actually come in expensive ways? It seems as we take free things for granted until we lose it, then, we regret.

Therefore, value all the free things we are enjoying currently. As a start, enjoy the free air we breathe and if we do not value it, do not regret that one day we will have to pay for it!

As for my case, Yes! I really enjoy free things and wish there would be more for me so that I could benefit the fullest from it.

See ya...


Friday, 18 March 2011

The Number


I am just too eager to begin blogging now and just couldn't wait for the actual date I supposedly planned which should have been on my birthday. Guess what... looks easy but not for real!!!

So here we go....

Soon I'll hit the 40th mark!!! Yes, the number 40. Some say it is the beginning of a man's life, others say it is the gateway, the decider, the etc., etc. to ones health, destiny, etc., etc. and millions and zillions other definitions either to motivate or to scare. :-)

Well, for me, the number is just a number. Whatever you called it or how we write it, it is still a number. Nothing more, nothing less.

The number 40 means you have successfully lived and passed by a total of 14,600 days excluding leap year equivalent to 350,400 hours and equivalent to 21,024,0000 minutes.
Wow! That's lots of numbers!

Be it any number, but to be critical does the number truly represents our real mind, our real soul and who we really are? I have a friend who is a 40 but with a mentality of a 20 and the other who is a 20 but thinks like a 40. Hmmm... the number seems not to match. Is the first guy better than the second guy or should it be the other way round?

Then, what about us? Does our "inside" really match our "outside"? Are we there yet? Think... 

The next time we are to fill up any age column, think over; whether it really represents who we are. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Well in my case, whatever...... :-)

See ya.......