Friday, 25 November 2011

The Two Guys


I will be seeing these two infamous guys next week. Hell yeah!!!

One of the them used to say :

"Reach your ambition as high as the sky!! Dream it as high as the sky!! 
Because if you fall, you’re gonna fall among of the stars!!"

"Conquer the thousands of man may not be called a winner, 
but be able to conquer yourself is called a brilliant conqueror!"

See ya...


Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Captures In Plaza Angsana


My gang members and I were at Plaza Angsana last Saturday. As we were actually searching for our own necessities, while waiting for my gang members to conclude their shopping, I captured a few moments of the well-renown reality television show "Maharaja Lawak" audition which I guess the purpose was to acquire talents from the southern part of our country with my common compact camera.

To be frank, as I was not really focusing onto what was happening on the stage but for the purpose of passing time, I explored and experimented on what my 12 megapixel automatic compact camera could actually offers me. By the way, bear in mind that it is not that DSLR whatsoever type of thing I was armed with. :-) 

Pressing here and there, zooming in and out, etc., etc., these were the result.
No one laughed at these guys performance.

Audience of the day.

The juries were Sathiya, Sheila Rusly and the middle guy (I do not know who he is).

The juries decided who shall proceed to the next round.

Aspirants queuing for registration.

Local artistes performed during break time - Hazama, Zahid, Mamat & R2
All in all, I salute those guys who dared themselves and how true people tend to say; it ain't easy to make people laugh. Hazama has great voice! Perhaps he will be the best bet if Search is to replace Amy.

As for the case, I have no knowledge on the art of phototaking. To me it is about switching on the camera, focus and zoom and finally snap the moment. Simple as that!!! But, looking deeper into the thing I guess it should be bigger than that. Hmm... no wonder photography is well considered as another art subject.

My brother of is an active photographer (he makes money out of it too!) and now I understand why he is so obsessed with that DSLR whatsoever thing. So, I guess next year's resolution - learn basic photography so that I too could make money like him. Ha..ha..ha.. :-)

See ya...


Friday, 11 November 2011

My Shahira The Pianist


It has always been my dream to see either one or both of my kids to at least pick up one music instrument. As the matter of reality, my dream came true! My thirteen year old Shahira who is currently in a boarding school made it happened in realizing my dream. She picked up piano at the age of six and currently accredited with grade five by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London, United Kingdom. Three more grades to go and she is done!

My Shahira performing "Black Forest Polka"

Enrolled her for the piano lesson back then was never a regret for me albeit each month I had to invest on her and today as a return, my Shahira possesses a skill which not many of her age does. Never expect her to be the next Maxim Mrvica, Richard Clyderman, Frederic Chopin or Ray Charles to name a few, so long she is a cut above the others and enjoys it, as a father, I am extremely supportive of it. Though her ambition is to be a pharmacist, even if she changes and chooses to be a pianist, I am still fine with it. So long she is happy. :-)
My Shahira performing the classical "Canon in D Major"

All in all, what I learned and experienced here as a parent is that we must always support our children's interest provided it is a healthy one. I guess out of nowhere, we will suddenly realize that there has always been a hidden talent in each of our children. To be frank, it will without doubt makes a parent proud as to how I am feeling right now. Let it be sports, art, music or whatever interest there is, support them all the way. Moreover, we will be creating even more options for our children to be at least a step ahead of the others in challenging the future looking on the bright side.

As for the case, at times, whenever my gang members are having our lunch or dinner, my Shahira would play her classical numbers and it is a kind of like having meal with the background of classical music. Know what? Just imagine.... it is similar to like having our meal at an exclusive restaurant with entertainment of soft and soul touching music in further enlivens the mood. Nice kan

So, to my beloved daughter, I wish you the very best as mommy and I will always be there for you. By the way, if you are reading this, do not forget that there are still three more grades to accomplish and the rattan cane which I just bought from the night market recently is dying in hunger of its first victim. :-)

See ya...


Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Video Game


I still remember that way back in the eighties video game arcades was a hit amongst the youngsters. Why? I guess it was simply because that during those years besides the rock music phenomena in our country, there were not many entertainment activities youngsters could do which was as fun and addictive as going to the video game arcade.

To begin a pleasure, a player would only require himself or herself to insert a twenty sen coin into the machine and presto... in return it could give him or her hours of enjoyment! Nowadays, I guess there are not as many arcades as it used to be. Perhaps, personal computers, game consoles, laptops, handphones, etc. had killed them off. As I could remember too, amongst of the games that were popular were Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros, Double Dragon and Pac Man, to name a few.
Street Fighter by Capcom was amongst the popular game.
Pac Man - A classic by Namco
In my opinion, playing video games could actually sharpen you reflexes and at the same time could as well improve concentration and instant decision making but too much of it will be addiction and that will be bad for oneself. I was so good at a game entitled 1943 : The Battle Of Midway that I could spent hours playing it with just a twenty sen coin! A great investment I guess. :-)
1943 : Battle of Midway was developed by Capcom
As for the case, how I wish I could play video game all day long and each time I score points money notes will be dispensed from the machine with just an investment of a twenty sen coin. Wouldn't it be great?

See ya...