Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Love The Job We Do

As Salam...

It has been a while since my last writing. To tell you the truth, by no means, I have somewhat suddenly lost my passion to write but the spirit kept on calling so strong and that today I begin writing again Ha..ha..ha.. :-)

By the way, last Saturday as to begin my story, for the first ever time, my son Ilhan asked me to describe the job that I am doing as a human resource practitioner. To tell you the truth, I have been waiting for such a question to arise one day from my kids so that I can picture them that making a living ain't easy as they see.

In general, he knows that I am a human resource practitioner but he had no idea what the heck I do day in and day out. Bearing a sarcastic smile and expression on my face, I replied by telling him that what I do every day is to hire and fire people, without elaborating to any extent what it actually means. He dropped his jaw and was astonished to hear my response, ignored me and he then continued assembling his Lego set which I got for him during my last business trip to the States.
As he ignored me, I then picked up the book "Doctor In The House" written by one of my inspirational figure Tun Dr. Mahathir thinking of to finish up reading it as I had read more than ninety percent of the book but I decided to put it away as my son's question moments before suddenly ticked my mind. His question actually made me realized that I had for quite some time practicing human resource since day one and soon it will be approaching twenty years. Hell yeah! It was a very long time indeed. Throughout the years I have seen and experienced so many things. The ups and downs had all the way matures me progressively. It was never boring though some people say that managing human has never got an end.

All in all, I had never regretted and I knew I made the right decision opting to do something that other people might not want to do and I guess I have fallen in love with the things I do.

As for the case, Metallica is coming to town soon, I love them but not their job. Hell yeah!!! :-)

See ya, happy Ramadhan and ride the lightning...


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Shaffik said...

Ilhan kena tanya satu soalan lagi.
Mengapa orang melaka beriya-iaya sokong JDT?

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