Monday, 14 May 2012

The Toilet Bowl Incident


I guess most of us would have experienced at least once in a lifetime when unexpectedly our precious belonging dropped into the toilet bowl. Seeing and knowing our belongings slipped "gracefully" from our grip and straight into the toilet bowl ultimately evolve a mixed feeling in us. Of such incident, our emotion would be so that frustrated, regretted, felt stupid, etc. and it was some kind of an unexplainable feeling as if the world has come to an end. :-)
An i-Phone in a toilet bowl. ...not mine by the way. :-)
Next, after such incident, we would be at a juncture of a dilemma asking ourselves should we pick it out of the bowl or should we not? It was a tough situation as we were in the midst of making a business decision that determines its fate.
Me....? I am not clumsy but a kind of a butterfingers. :-) Some of my belongings that dived beautifully into the public toilet bowl with some a perfect 10 score.
...several Zippo lighters.
...a lot of this for sure. :-) one incident, I had to break-in on my own house.
...a few of these too.
As for the case, in all of my incidents, to be frank, I had never picked or even attempted to retrieve any of my belongings. I am never ready to use those things again by the way. No!!! Never!!!

The morale is, the next time, you enter a toilet and drop your belongings into the toilet bowl, one advice..... be calm and do not waste your time......go get a new one. :-)

See ya...


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