Monday, 4 June 2012

The Singapore Zoo Excursion


It is mid-year school holidays and last Saturday, my syndicate gang members and I, we were at the Singapore Zoo.
I told my kids that the last time I came here was way back in 1979.

...the syndicate gang members.
...with the otters.
...this guy is ferocious and vicious...
...but he was outsmarted by this cute little beast - Hail the mouse deer!!! :-)
...both were born in the state of Malacca so it surely represents. of them appeared in that movie - Madagascar. I know how that Stealth fighter got its inspiration.
...he fancies very much of those behind him.
...and one for the record.
As for the case, for a person who is lazy then... figure it out. :-)
See ya...


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